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Shape your own path to Mars: satellites or a space station?


Discover more than two hundred pioneering technologies.


Fight for a larger budget for your space program with the help of your fans and media.


Expand your program: profit from commercial, scientific and military contracts.

Race To Mars is a turn-based, space company simulation game. Become the head of a newly created “New Space” company whose goal is to establish a colony on Mars. You begin as a start-up and develop cutting edge aerospace technologies to reach orbit. Flying beyond the vicinity of Earth, blaze the trail into space and leave the competition far behind on your way to victory.

Our game aims at achieving two goals: promoting the outer space industry and satisfying all fans of economy games. Race To Mars combines the realism of a space-port management sim and approachable gameplay. We assure you that both subject enthusiasts and casual gamers will find this mixture highly entertaining. Our priority is to make an approachable game without compromising its key economic and strategic features.

On the main game screen, there will be the firm’s HQ and additional buildings related to the company’s activities. Most of the buildings will be created during the game, in the development phase of various projects, both major and minor ones. For example, a medium-size launch pad will be developed during R&D activities related to the medium-size rocket.

As an important game element, the player will have to interact with National Space and Air Office, the military, scan new market offers and monitor the activity of competitors. The authors of the game propose a simplified system called “the market”.

Since we aim at delivering the best quality, the game is being developed in close cooperation with scientists from a Polish space industry company Also, we are using Unity - the leading multiplatform game engine. Thanks to this, we are able to deliver top quality content.

Our Version

DRM Free

Steam Version

What is the game about?

The game is about taking the role of the CEO of the newly founded space industry company. You start with just a few employees and modest headquarter, but working on your company name recognition by advancing your technology and research field will help you to gain many new opportunities.

What is the goal of the game?

The main goal of the game is successful landing on Mars, followed by establishing inhabited base on it.

What happens after Mars?

Mars is the goal of the game, so we assume the base establishment as the end of the game, although we consider allowing the game to continue until all studies and programs completion.

Will I be able to build the rocket myself?

Race To Mars is an economic game, so we focus mainly on the management of the entire company and its space missions. There will be possibility to construct different rocket types, but the installation itself will be the resposibility of our employees.

Will there be multiplayer mode?

No. At the moment we plan the game to have single player mode only.

What platform(s) is the game for?

The main platform is Windows, although soon after releasing the game for Windows, the Linux and Mac versions will be available followed by iOS and Android versions as well.

When is Race To Mars going to be released?

The exact release date is not set yet, although we assume it will be the second quarter of 2014.


  • the market
  • more conferences and random events
  • Launch Facility model
  • actions in NSaAO
  • production in VA
  • building a rocket
  • achievements


  • new: early version of tutorial;
  • new: new functionality: an assistant - Albert Solka;
  • new: few first technologies in R+D;
  • new: moving gui windows;
  • new: new, almost final versions of 4 buildings;
  • new: early version of monthly financial reports;
  • new: implemented system of constructing buildings;
  • new: early implementation of assembly window;
  • new: mission calendar at the bottom of screen;
  • new: early implementation of Prestige system;
  • new: implementation on bank at Administration;
  • new: first sfx added;


  • changed: new gui system (UniSWF changed nGUI);
  • changed: new functionalities in press conferences;
  • changed: some of new random events;
  • changed: fixed functionality of hiring engineers;
  • changed: usage of TAB key between windows;
  • changed: Prestige system added odo 18 n main screen;
  • changed: initial account balance;
  • changed: day and night system;
  • changed: postprocess effects;


  • fixed: working Linux version;
  • fixed: small errors and efficiency;
  • fixed: game settings
  • fixed: building collisions
  • fixed: Unity logo
  • fixed: updated credits
  • fixed: improved terrain
  • fixed: change of language improved